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MEMBER ADVICE: Stop making it hard for your customers to buy from you

Family Business Place Member, Not Another Marketing Agency gives us an insight into customer buying experiences, and how we can improve it to increase our sales.

We live in a world of instant gratification, a place where at a click of a button, we can have something delivered to our doorstep the next day (and in some cases the same day), an era where an app means that we don’t have to struggle with takeaway orders. In many ways, it’s becoming increasingly easier to spend money, so when you come across an online checkout that seems more complicated, it’s an immediate turnoff.

There’s a great comedy sketch by Age of Outrage, called If ‘High St Shopping was like Online Shopping’. In a nutshell, a woman goes to buy some bread rolls and ends up spending three minutes trying to pay. Without ruining the sketch, she ends up not buying them. And, while it is a comedy, it’s also painfully true. After all the hard work, marketing, and advertising to get the customer to your website, it seems like such a waste for them to then abandon their basket. So, what is it that makes it hard for your customers to buy from you?

One of the biggest reasons is the payment process. A PPRO Group survey found that two-thirds of UK consumers have abandoned an online retail transaction because of the payment process. Anything onerous removes any joy in the purchase. The pain of patiently inputting your address six times is too much. Payments should be smooth and should, where possible, utilise as many methods for taking customers’ money as possible (things like ApplePay, AmazonPay, credit cards, PayPal). So, while there will be an increase in transaction costs, there will also be an increase in transactions.

Another primary reason for basket dumping is a slow loading or sluggish website and a lack of mobile responsiveness. Customers want to buy from websites that work. If something loads slowly, they’ll go elsewhere. Think of it along the same lines as a shop having a sticking front door. If they find it difficult to get in, they’ll just get bored and leave. Non-mobile responsive websites also raise security concerns as they are likely to be older and may not have adequate security.

Finally, you should make sure that it’s easy for the customer to see where they have to pay. I know this seems really obvious, but with increased focus by Google on user experience, it’s essential. If a customer finds it hard to see where to buy and pay, they won’t; they’ll go somewhere else instead. Again, imagine being in a department store; there’s usually a prominent arrow showing you where to part with your money. So, make it evident on your website.

If someone puts a product in their basket, it means they like it, so don’t make it hard for them to own it. Not Another Marketing Agency can advise you on what you can do to improve your customers’ buying experiences.

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