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Family Business Place Members aiming to be the only carbon-neutral Funeral Directors in London

Angela Bailey of Austin Davis has taken the extra step of removing the CO2 emissions for each funeral they do.

They will be removing CO2 - so this funeral is Net Zero - by planting trees in the tropics. Why plant trees? Because planting more trees are a natural, proven, and very cost effective way to remove our CO2 emissions Angela is working with the charity project who will be managing the tree-planting.

The trees will be planted in the tropics, including in Madagascar, Mozambique and Indonesia. There are many reasons for this: the trees grow faster. It's lower cost. And where the trees are planted, this provides paid work for families in extreme poverty. Every 100 trees planted provides a day of paid work. The trees also create new habitats for wild animals and birds.

You may like to know that - as far as we know - this will be the FIRST Funeral Directors in the UK that is Net Zero - ie the CO2 emissions are removed.

If you would like to plant more trees - for your yourself, for your family or yourself - do please speak to Angela - 07887 687 435

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