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NEWS: Bedfont Scientific celebrate 45 years as a family business

Updated: Jan 14

Proud member of Family Business Place and Kent-based medical device manufacturer, Bedfont Scientific Ltd., returns to the era it all began for its 45th birthday.

On 8th December, Kent Med-tech company, Bedfont Scientific Ltd. celebrated 45 years of business with a 1970’s themed party. The Bedfont Family celebrated with costumes from prominent 70’s characters, 70’s party games, 70’s party food, and a video tribute from a number of employees and distributors who have contributed to the business since 1976.

Jason Smith, Managing Director (seen as Austin Powers in the image below!) remarks, “Back in 1976 the incidence of serious hazards related to medical gas supply systems was described as ‘alarming’. My favourite inspirational quote is ‘a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’ from Winston Churchill. I think this describes very aptly how my godfather, John Marron, went on to design and manufacture Bedfont’s first ever product; the TM3 Medi-Gas Check for ensuring gas supply systems were safe before use.

This product undoubtedly saved lives and started Bedfont on a road of life-saving gas monitors. Back then, Bedfont employed one person and was based in a bedsit in London; now we employ 50 direct staff, have over 80 global distributors, and even have our own offices in Kent and Austria. We will continue to innovate new non-invasive breath analysis devices to bring these life-saving products into people’s homes worldwide, and hope to do so for the next 45 years!”

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